The Reappearance (Butterfly Species in the Goetheanum Garden), 2008

A series of 14 analogue photographs

The series was created during a visit to the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. This is Rudolf Steiner's largest architectural achievement, and functions as the educational and spiritual centre of the anthroposophical movement. The photographic series is a formal investigation of Goethe's colour theory in combination with the expressive and ideologically charged architecture of Steiner.

The piece was curated by Helga Marie Nordby, for Selmer Law Company. Other artists in the Selmer collection include: Jan Christensen, Josefine Lyche, Anders Smebye, Kyrre Bjørkås og Rune Andreassen.

Courtesy of Selmer Law Company, Norway.

With thanks to the staff at Goetheanum

















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