2021, FOLD Gallery, London

Gillian Lowndes, Lydia Gifford and Marte Johnslien. 

Clinamen is a three-person show consisting of paintings, objects and ceramics that explore ideas of materiality and abstraction. Each artist in this show approaches the physical matter of their work using a combination of sophisticated visual playfulness, and a range of carefully considered responses to the materials chosen to create their work. 

In a sense the commonality in this show is Clinamen. Each artist has allowed to one extent or another for the ‘free will’ of the material to in some way dictate the outcome, whether it be visual or visceral, in the process of making: the ‘unpredictable swerve of atoms’ as clay reacts to metal and fiberglass in the kiln, the nature of how pigment reacts to the fibers of paper or canvas, the final crack of a glaze, sag or stretch of cloth and slump of clay. 

Marte Johnslien shows a series of works titled 'All that Wiggles is Mortal'. They are made in Johnslien's own experimental technique called steel-reinforced ceramics.

Photo: Noah Dacosta.  All text and image © Marte Johnslien