2022, FOLD Gallery, London

Nour Jaouda, Andrea V Wright and Marte Johnslien 

DRAPE is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores notions of  materiality, the aesthetics of migration and the processes of making and unmaking. The work in this show teeters between sculpture, painting and craft. With ceramics that occupy the space of sculptures, objects that occupy the space of paintings, there is a melting pot of materials and a sense of work in motion; that processes are constantly evolving. 

Marte Johnslien showed two sculptures from the 'Tubes Titan' series (2020) and one from the series 'All that Wiggles is Mortal' (2021), all in steel-reinforced ceramics.

Photo: Noah Dacosta and Marte Johnslien. All text and image © Marte Johnslien